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Planning Your Trip – Before You Go!

Are you a trip planner or do you go with the flow? I am definitely the planner type (even though most things never go according to plan) 

A trip to a local State Park or Beach these days may take more planning than a hop in the carso we have compiled a short tripplanning guide and resources to make it easy. 

  1. Stay at home if you are unwell and monitor your condition 
    • Do you know the symptoms of COVIDRun through the CDC’s symptoms and self-checker checklists. Stay home if you feel unwell in any way. 
  2. Call and check if your local destination is open or needs reservations.
    • Before you plan or go, check in with your local park or beach! The California State Parks COVID-19 Resource Center is where you can learn about any closures, safety measures, and visitor guidelines. You can also find a number to call and ask about your destination’s status.  
  3. Ask about facilities, anticipate limited access or closures.
    • You can find State Parks guidance and graphics through their resource center on the safe use of recreational areas, facilities, beaches, and parks, but you should contact your park for the most updated information on availability. 
  4. Avoid crowds by planning to visit earlier in the day or have an alternative plan. 

    • Starting earlier in the day can also allow for adjustments to your plans if parking, park, or beach capacity is filled. Sometimes, plans don’t work out, but the day doesn’t have to go to waste. You could ask parks staff about other trails or entrances that have capacity or plan other safe activities in your area.

Have you read part one about COVID-19 resources? If so, click here for part three to learn about packing and trail use during the pandemic.