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Take a walk in the park with us

Our park programs are all about strengthening parks and inspiring all to experience these extraordinary places.

We create new and inspiring ways for folks throughout California to make lifelong connections with nature, building a new generation of people who love and want to care for these natural treasures. Through meaningful partnerships with state government, nonprofit organizations, community members and more, together we are tackling some of the greatest challenges facing the future of California’s parks.

Resource Stewardship

Our Resource Stewardship Initiative ensures California’s unique natural treasures are protected and managed for current and future generations. In partnership with California State Parks, we foster cross-boundary, landscape-scale stewardship collaboratives, develop critical planning tools, build career pathways for the next generation of resource stewards, and equip our park professionals with the training and resources necessary to meet growing pressures from climate change and increasing populations.

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Access to Parks

We believe all people should have the opportunity to access California’s state parks. To address social and economic barriers that keep many people from enjoying these treasures, we coordinate initiatives such as school field trips, improved transportation approaches, and culturally relevant park programs.

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Community Engagement

We co-develop vibrant park engagements to create State Park experiences that resonate with all people throughout California. Our approach works to strengthen communities while driving stewardship and love of public lands.

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Support For Park Programs

We bring in new resources, expertise and public dollars to tackle your essential park project and ensure California’s public spaces are more welcoming, accessible and relevant to visitors. Your generous contributions help Parks California build the capacity of the State Park System by creating more park programs, including access to parks, workforce development, capital improvements, resource protection and climate resilience. Our goal: a stronger, more resilient State Park System that benefits our communities.

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Park Innovation

We are committed to creating world-class state parks that are ready to welcome the next generation of visitors. Parks California does this by piloting new ideas and scaling successful park programs for the benefit of all people. We bring new opportunities to parks by promoting innovative partnerships among nonprofits, businesses, and government.