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Bag Packing and Safe Trail Use

Before you head out to your favorite California State Park, there may be a few more things you should look into and consider bringing with you.  

Below we have compiled a short packing guide and safe trailuse resources to help you plan your next trip to a California State Park or Beach. 

California State Parks – Visit, Packing and Trail Guide 

  1. Bring a personal set of PPE and cleaning supplies. 
    • Physical activity can quickly make your mask damp so it is a good idea to carry along several extra masks in a sealable container. 
    • In anticipation of limited facilities or lack of supplies, it is a good idea to pack your own such as: hand sanitizer or spray (at least 60% alcohol content) and disinfecting wipes. 
  2. Pack your own snacks, meals, and water. 
    • Instead of buying snacks and water on your way, you can save money and reduce waste by packing food and water from home. Reusable containers are a plus! 
  3. Bring a bag to carry your trash with you to a trash bin or back home. 
    • A dedicated trash bag is handy to have when trash bins are not available. Biodegradable or not, everything you bring in should be carried out. Let’s keep these extraordinary places debris-free. 
  4. Wear face coverings and maintain at least six feet of distance between you and other visitors when possible. 
    • While all the open space and being outdoors lowers the risk of transmission, it is required to wear a face covering and important for it to cover the nose and mouth when on trails and in common areas when six foot distancing may not be possible. and Leave No Trace are great resources for beginners and long-time outdoors users alike as reminders for how we can all safely and responsibly share outdoor spaces. 

Thank you for reading this parks pandemic blog series! If you missed the other parts of this series, please read part one about COVID-19 resources and part two about trip planning.