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Step into Spring and explore California’s State Parks with the OuterSpatial App

We have fully entered Spring, a time of year that symbolizes new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and the promise of exciting adventures ahead. So, what better way to celebrate fresh beginnings than by immersing ourselves in the diverse natural, cultural, and historical landscapes that California State Parks has to offer?

To make park visits more seamless and enjoyable, we recommend leveraging the power of technology through the OuterSpatial App, a mobile application that makes exploring California State Parks more accessible, interactive, and informative.

OuterSpatial is designed to connect visitors to California State Parks, the nation’s largest and most diverse state park system. OuterSpatial makes it easy to plan a journey of exploration and adventure by discovering and visiting new places. In fact, I recently used the app to visit a new park just minutes from my house that I never realized was a state park! I also scrolled through the social feed of OuterSpatial and discovered that there was a superbloom at Anza Borrego State Park.

Key Features include:

· Earning and collecting passport badges for each visit!

· Getting transit, biking, walking and driving directions to your favorite state park and trails.

· Navigating safely while on trails by knowing which trails are suitable for hikers, bikers, equestrians and their furry friends.

· Locating parking, restrooms, picnic areas and other park amenities.

· Accessing information about natural, cultural and historical points of interest.

· Sharing experiences and photos, and connecting with others who love the outdoors by using the app’s social feature.

· Engaging with park staff to show their appreciation and letting them

know about maintenance and other issues.

· Discovering other regional, state and national outdoor public spaces nearby.

Click here to embark on your journey with the OuterSpatial App.

As California State Parks’ official nonprofit partner, Parks California strives to serve as a catalyst for innovation. Through our shared priorities with California State Parks, we work together to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Mobile apps like OuterSpatial and Virtual Adventure allow park visitors to access helpful and enriching information at the tip of their fingers. Join us in using the OuterSpatial app to make 2024 a year of exploration, connection, and appreciation for the world class park experiences that California State Parks has to offer.

At Parks California, we are dedicated to strengthening parks and inspiring everyone to experience the extraordinary places our state has to offer. Our vision is of vibrant, healthy California State Parks that welcome, engage, and inspire.