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Helping more people discover the wonders of nature

As we head into the giving season, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for parks and for you. Traveling across California to meet with community groups, California Native American tribes, scientists, park partners, and so many others, I’m amazed at the work being done in State Parks. Earlier this month I was back in Candlestick Point State Recreation Area – a beautiful oasis in San Francisco – on a gorgeous fall day, walking with local Bayview community leaders, artists, members of the state parks team, donors and friends. For over two years, we have been collaborating with park staff and 20 local community groups to co-create and implement an innovative new strategy that will restore this vital community hub with input from the neighborhood. Our work in Candlestick is just one of the ways we are building deeper connections between people and parks. As you will see in this video, helping more people discover the wonders of nature is an essential part of our mission to make California’s 280 state parks more welcoming, inclusive and climate-resilient.

And we’re just getting started. Over the past four years Parks California has helped more than 27,000 people get to a park – primarily younger visitors and people from historically underserved communities, including many first-time park-goers. Through these experiences, they are now on a path to becoming the next generation of park stewards. Why does this matter? Our programs are centered on community engagement, equitable access and forging a sense of belonging in parks because a visitor who feels welcome is more likely to begin a lifelong relationship with nature. California’s parks and unique biodiversity depend on our collective care and stewardship of these vital landscapes – now and in the future. Your support is critical in enabling us to do more in 2024. By supporting Parks California, you’re not just donating, you’re shaping the future of California’s parks.

I look forward to seeing you in parks.  With gratitude,Kindley

Kindley Walsh LawlorPresident & CEO