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State Recreation Area (SRA)

Parks California is working to revitalize Candlestick Point’s place as a vibrant community hub.


For so many in California, urban parks serve as a critical gateway to nature – and a springboard to exploration, appreciation for the protection of the environment, and lifelong relationships with parks.

With 280 diverse state parks across California – including beaches, mountains, deserts & urban green space – parks located in urban settings can face unique challenges stemming from climate change, lack of resources, and other social and environmental issues.

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area (SRA), founded in 1977 thanks to the efforts of local residents who organized for environmental justice, is one such urban park. This historic shoreline park provides access to open space and recreation such as fishing, biking, bird watching, hiking and windsurfing. Located in one of San Francisco’s most underinvested neighborhoods, Bayview Hunters Point, local residents have felt cut-off from the park for years, citing a number of concerns including lack of trust, safety, accessibility, belonging, and recreational opportunities.

Parks California, in partnership with California State Parks and other organizations, is actively working to rebuild the bond between the neighborhood and park, ensuring that the park can reclaim its integral role within the community.

Your support can make a meaningful impact in revitalizing this vital connection and restoring the community’s enjoyment of this valuable park.


Our Impact

Since 2021, with support from private philanthropists and partners, Parks California has been:

Rebuilding trust: Through innovative partnerships, expanded community engagement, and centering racial and social justice within the relationship building between Candlestick Point SRA and the community, we are ensuring the park reflects the community’s needs and interests. Parks California supports a Community Engagement Coordinator who functions as an extension of the Candlestick Point SRA team. She has been able to establish a consistent presence in the community and leads outreach efforts that result in new partnerships, including launching a Neighborhood Park Advisory Council.

Beautifying and improving the park: Creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere in our parks is crucial, as it leaves a lasting impression and fosters a sense of care, community ownership and inclusivity. We have implemented multiple park improvements, including refurbishment of the community garden, and working with local artists to design and paint vibrant murals throughout the park, each representative of the community’s rich cultural identity and pride.

Centering community-input in designing park activities: With input from the Bayview Hunters Point community and managed by a dedicated Parks California engagement coordinator who works alongside park staff, Candlestick Point SRA now has an robust calendar of events. Activities foster physical wellness, emotional well-being, knowledge about nature and biodiversity, artistic expression, and social engagement so that everyone feels a strong sense of connection to the park.

Highlights include:

  • Growing Together Day: An annual community day that’s creating shared experiences. Participants help with park improvement projects, create art installations, and enjoy local cultural performances, food and community organizations.
  • A 2-year fishing program partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, allowing community members to discover the joy of angling while experiencing the park’s coastal beauty and learning about fish species along Candlestick Point State Recreation Area’s coastline.
  • A regular series of art crafts, literacy events, clean-up days, community BBQ’s and monthly outdoor interpretive programming.
    In 2023, we estimate that over 2500 nearby residents visited the park in connection with activities that Parks California supported.

Help Us

We envision a thriving urban park in Bayview Hunters Point, where local community organizations work with park staff to deliver community-led initiatives that help residents develop a life-long connection to nature. With support from a mix of private and public funders, we have made tremendous progress towards that vision.

To sustain and advance the progress we have made, we need your support. Our goal is to raise $600,000 to maintain and expand our activities in 2024 and 2025. Specifically, new funding will be used to:

  • Fund ongoing community engagement, including our dedicated staff position, that help cultivate a sense of belonging
  • Provide supplemental funding for programmatic activities and events
  • Develop a sustainable model rooted in community voices for the park’s future support

With your help, the park and its magnificent coastal setting will be able to better serve residents for years to come. Candlestick Point SRA will fulfill its potential as a community hub, delivering health, social and environmental benefits to the community.

Help Us

For more information about Parks California’s project at Candlestick Point SRA, please email

Scott Kleinman

Director of Development – Corporations & Foundations

Michael Bridges

Development Director