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Our 2022 Annual Report is now available.
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Kicking off our fourth year of Route to Parks with lessons learned

One of the best parts of my job is working with our network of nonprofit grantees to create long-lasting solutions. Oftentimes, we are figuring out ways to address complex, systemic issues by leveraging innovative new tools and programs in order to make extraordinary things happen for communities across California. Our Route to Parks grants program […]

Breaking Nature’s Glass Ceiling

When we think about people in nature, we often see images of rugged men in solo expeditions. Dirt on their face. Scuff facial hair. If we read their stories, it’s often a narrative of proof. Their solo backpacking adventure was a way to prove to themselves they could accomplish such grueling quest. Sure, that’s admirable but when this narrative becomes the story of what it means […]

Innovative Approaches to Increasing Park Access – Part 1

Innovative Approaches to Increasing Park Access

Our connection with nature is as diverse as the California landscapes and our people. At Parks California, we believe entry points to nature vary from person to person. This means that ensuring parks are seen as parks for all is critical to the well-being of our park system. Combining 280 park units and a 156-year […]