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Stronger Together: Partnership in Quiroste Valley

Stronger Together: Partnership in Quiroste Valley

On February 28, multiple Districts, HQ staff and partners gathered on Awaswas lands in the Santa Cruz District (SCD) to learn more about the innovative partnership developed between the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT) and SCD.

Scaling Up Success: Cross-Boundary Partnerships for Managing Invasive Plants

  Finding solutions to managing invasive plants found in state parks and on public lands is a challenging prospect, especially because weeds have an annoying habit of spreading beyond park boundaries. That’s why cross-boundary partnerships are so important: they create critical pathways for the stewardship of California’s extraordinary biodiversity. The One Tam partnership in Marin […]

In Search of that First Internship


Nina Omomo was in her final semester at San Francisco State University as the world locked down into the pandemic. After six years of balancing coursework and working at a restaurant to pay her way through college, Nina had one final requirement to graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies. An internship.  Her schedule was already busy with work, and […]

Protecting California’s Coast from Sea Level Rise

California’s iconic coastline is world-renowned for its rich tapestry of dunes, sandy beaches, coastal bluff, and tidepools – a wonderfully diverse set of habitats for plants and wildlife. California has been applauded for Protecting California’s Coast protecting public access and providing recreation opportunity. Significant cultural resources, histories, memories, and many untold stories are threaded along the coast.   The coast is central […]

National Wildfire Awareness Month

As we enter into the summer after of the driest winters on record, we rally around the themes of National Wildfire Awareness month.   Wildfires have long been a natural part of California’s landscape throughout history, but in 2020 we witnessed one of the largest and most intense wildfire seasons ever. The reports are sobering –more than 115,000 acres burned across 22 state park […]

Ways to Get Involved in Earth Day Activities

Each year, I look forward to the month of April. Wildflowers burst with beauty along hillsides and trails. Poppies pop throughout the neighborhoods where fellow wildflower lovers have tossed seeds out into alleys and their front yards year after year. Longer days give way to more outside time after work to fit in longer walks or make a quick drive out to a park for a sunset […]

Broadening access and opportunities for careers in natural resources

Environmental stewardship comes in many forms. You may be practicing these daily and not even know it. It’s as simple as picking up litter while hiking along a trail. It’s sharing powerful stories and traditions of a familiar landscape through multiple generations. It’s volunteering to plant native plants at your local park. It’s bringing your family back to a favorite trail, picnic spot, or beach to build more cherished memories and connections to our landscapes.  […]