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In Search of that First Internship


Nina Omomo was in her final semester at San Francisco State University as the world locked down into the pandemic. After six years of balancing coursework and working at a restaurant to pay her way through college, Nina had one final requirement to graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies. An internship.  Her schedule was already busy with work, and […]

Pride Outside: Everyday Ways to Support LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in Outdoor Spaces


Every June, it happens – rainbow logos, colorful marketing campaigns and a very welcome focus on the LGBTQIA+ community from brands and organizations nationwide. At Parks California, we know that this sense of pride and investment doesn’t end on June 30. It takes consistent and intentional effort all year long to ensure the millions of […]

Promoting Public Transportation to LA State Historic Park


By Catherine Bubser and Michael Gatheru Bubser studies environmental science with a concentration in environmental systems and society at UCLA. She is passionate about conservation and aims to study environmental law in the future. Gatheru is graduating UCLA this year with a degree in environmental science and plans to pursue a career in environmental and […]