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Request for Qualifications (RFQ): Graphic Designer (Arts program)

Request for Proposals (RFQ): Graphic Designer
Program: Art in California Parks


This request for qualifications (RFQ) is for Graphic Design Services in support of Parks California’s Art in California Parks Grant Program. We are seeking a dynamic and skilled graphic designer to create impactful visual materials that will promote and enhance our initiative. The role involves developing a range of designs that resonate with diverse communities and support our grantees, playing a crucial part in fostering engagement with California’s rich park landscapes and vibrant arts culture.

Project Background

Parks California launched in 2019 as the official, statutory non-profit partner to California State Parks. We work statewide to help make State Parks and public lands more welcoming, inclusive, and climate-resilient spaces where all people throughout California truly feel at home.

We recently announced the Arts in California Parks program with our partners, California State Parks and the California Arts Council. This exciting new program will support artists, culture bearers, California Native American tribes, and communities in creating art installations and programming in State and local parks. Through Art in California Parks, Parks California will expand its programming and impact beyond state park boundaries and in support of local parks.

The Arts in California Parks program offers perspective on our past and present and helps us imagine our potential and the power of art as a catalyst for sustainable community connection, health, and well-being. Funding will be dedicated to arts projects and programs throughout the state and will be disbursed over the next four years.

In support of this new program, Parks California is developing an Arts in California Parks – Local Parks Grant Program to support art, partnerships, and community engagement in local parks throughout California. The Local Parks Grant Program is expected to provide approximately $8M in awards through at least three grant cycles, anticipated for 2024, 2025 and 2026.

The goals for this grant program are to:

  • Welcome: to draw California’s diverse populations into parks with culturally reflective and sensitive projects and programs.
  • Empower: to provide opportunities for mentorship and employment, expanding avenues for creative career pathways.
  • Heal: to harness the healing potential of arts and parks to improve physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and communities.
  • Connect: to create emotional and contemporary experiences that connect people to their state and local parks, link culture and place, and intertwine communities.
  • Inspire: to evoke a sense of creativity and exploration among visitors, to celebrate California’s diverse tribal and cultural heritage, and to memorialize the cultural significance of park lands.

Utilizing the magic of art and nature as a tool for active community engagement, the Art in California Parks | Local Grant program aims to elevate underrepresented voices and foster pride and ownership in parks.

Through art experiences and the transformation of park aesthetics, we’re not just enhancing landscapes – we’re forging lasting bonds between community and the natural world. With each brushstroke and every moment in the public parks contributes to a tapestry of shared stories and interconnectedness.

Stay tuned for program launch announcements expected in late spring 2024!

Request for Qualifications

The selected graphic designer will collaborate closely with Parks California to create and refine a suite of design assets tailored for the Art in Parks Program. These assets will be used across multiple promotional and engagement activities throughout the program’s duration. The designer will be responsible for developing a cohesive visual identity that resonates with diverse communities across California.


  • Alignment with the Art in California Parks and Parks California branding
  • Produce detailed guidelines on colors, fonts, logos, and messaging style
  • Creation of versatile designs suitable for both digital platforms and print media
  • Expertise in reformatting these designs to fit the various formats, ensuring consistency across all mediums

Project Phases: 

  • Phase 1: February 2024
  • Creating designs to promote the grant program
  • Highlighting program goals and encouraging participation
  • Promotion of Parks California brand
  • Phase 2: July 2024
  • Provide grantees with customized design elements
  • Design assets to announce their grant award and also use when promoting their community engagement events (flyers, digital materials)

Target Audience:

  • Focus on organizations across the state of California
  • Regions / Counties
  • Types of Orgs: Tribes, Gov, Arts
  • Strategies for engaging this specific audience (regions, organizations, etc) through design
  • Regional Customization – regional landmarks, local flora, cultural motif
  • Inclusive and Diverse Imagery – reflecting CA’s varied population and landscapes
  • Interactive Elements (animated features for digital materials) – clickable infographics
  • Educational and Informative  – valuable information about program
  • Call-To-Action – participate in the program or follow Parks CA

Designs needed:

Timelines and Milestones:

  • Phase 1: Estimated milestones
  • Late-Jan : RFQ goes live
  • Feb 7 : RFQ App Deadline
  • Feb 14 : Selection of Graphic Designer
  • Feb 21: Initial Design Concepts Due
  • Feb 28: Feedback on Initial Concepts
  • March 7: Submission of Revised Designs
  • March 14: Final Approval of Designs + Send to Print
  • March 21: Quality Check and Final Adjustments
  • March 28 : Mail Out of Final Materials
  • Phase 2: Estimated Milestones
  • July 1 : Phase 2 begins
  • July 15: Initial Design Concepts
  • July 22 : Feedback on Initial Concepts
  • Aug 1 : Submission of Revised Designs
  • Aug 8 : Final Approval of Designs
  • Aug 29: Prep Materials for Board Meeting
  • Sept 9: Final Materials Due

Submittal Requirements:

Interested graphic design vendors must submit qualifications that include the following information:

  1. Project Understanding: Briefly describe your understanding of the Art in Parks Program and your approach for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Include a scope of work with task breakdown.
  2. Fee: Provide a rate sheet/breakdown of fees for outlined tasks, including optional or as-needed tasks. Detail your cost structure (per piece or hourly) and preferred billing schedule.
  3. Qualifications and Experience: Present examples of previous work showcasing your style and expertise. Summarize qualifications and experience, emphasizing design work for diverse communities. Highlight experience in arts and community engagement projects, including past projects and outcomes.
  4. Organizational Capacity: Outline your capacity to deliver services, including experience and significant projects. For larger teams, detail size, structure, and location. Describe resources and strategies for quality design work.
  5. References: Include three references to verify your skills and experience.

Submit proposals through our Application Portal.

Vendors should send any questions to